What is Social Prescribing?

Social Prescribing is a service that GP’s, nurses and other healthcare professionals can refer to in order to provide patients with additional services and support to improve their health and well-being. The service offers one-to-one appointments where people can talk about their concerns and the factors that affect their health and get support to identify the best assistance.

Social Prescribing also helps healthcare professionals care for their patients, as so often, the factors influencing health are complex in nature and cannot always be solved with a prescription for medication.

Social Prescribing services are popping up across the country and have proven so far to lead to several positive outcomes for the people who use them, including:

  •                      Helping people feel healthier
  •                      Making new friends
  •                      Helping people to get back to work or into training and education
  •             Linking people to projects where they can make a difference
  •             Helping people navigate and find the right help with benefits, housing, legal and debt advice


If you would like to sign up to the social prescribing service click here  for the referral form and send it to THCCG.SESP@NHS.NET If you have any queries please call or email one of our team for more information. See link below. 

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