A community partners group was set up to provide an action focused partnership between community health and social care services, groups, and other parties that have an interest in, or who are involved in responding to health and social care issues across Poplar & Limehouse.

The Group consists of representatives from organisations working within the Poplar & Limehouse Area who directly deliver health initiatives, or are projects that tackle the wider determinants of poor health.



Objectives of the Community Partners group


  • Create, implement and evaluate innovative ways in which to address the network priorities through the creation of a community partners action plan each year
  • Help to devise and implement Network Delivery Plans
  • Be advocates of a community perspective on health
  • Encourage a diverse range of partners to attend the group
  • Share knowledge and understanding of the roles of community partners
  • Share experiences of delivering different types of health care interventions
  • Find practical and achievable ways of engaging the ‘hard to reach’ members of our community
  • Create opportunities for cross sector health promoting activities
  • Help develop and maintain the vision of the Network
  • Create working groups where necessary
  • Help raise the profile of the Network and its services