Communities Driving Change (CDC) is a programme that supports residents in improving their health and wellbeing at a local level. The programme puts local residents in the driving seat, enabling them to shape the needs of their local area, based on what works best for them and their communities. 


Patients from 5 local GP practices were referred onto the Go4Sport programme using Sports On Prescription to access one-to-one motivational support, Health Trainer weekly activity classes and sports delivered on Sundays. The programme provided patients who suffered from mental and physical health conditions the tools to get more active.

Results 2014 – 2016

  • We engaged with 2953 local people, who took part in a combined total of 10,647 sports activities.
  • 2341 local people took part in community sports events
  • Our Health Trainers met with patients 776 times
  • GP’s provided 604 Sport on Prescription referrals

Pain Management

  • Using an evidence based approach, a unique holistic service that incorporated the use of yoga and mindfulness with 1-1 support from Health Trainers was developed for people with chronic back pain. This involved education and treatment for patients which would not focus on finding a cure for their pain but instead would educate them in ways to manage their pain better independently and improve their quality of life.
  • The programmed consisted of 10 weekly sessions providing evidence based back pain management, involving yoga and mindfulness meditation techniques. In addition, clients are provided access to 1-1 support from Health Trainers to encourage healthy lifestyle changes.