Client M Referred by her GP to a Health Trainer

“I had a gastric bypass in September 2014 and started Zumba around February 2015. I needed something that I would enjoy and would attend on a regular basis. I had gone down from 28.5 stone to around 18 stone by the time I started attending. I explained my background to Nicola the tutor at the time – the first few weeks were a learning curve, trying to keep pace with the others, remembering to breathe but so happy and excited to have finished a class and that made me keen to return. By the end of the year I was down to 15.5 stone and the fittest I’ve ever been and it’s in part down to the regular attendance and the tutors! I now find myself making up dance steps in my home. When I’m at the bus stop and play Zumba tracks on my mp3 player! I can’t thank the tutors enough!”


Client CReferred by his GP to a Health Trainer

“I was in a routine of living on takeaways, eating unhealthy foods and doing no exercise. I suffered with severe depression and anxiety and was extremely isolated, with little social contact. This really affected my motivation and self-belief. It took a few 1-1 sessions with a Health Trainer to become comfortable enough to trust the service to support me. I now cook all of my meals from scratch and go shopping for fresh vegetables. I attend exercise classes once a week and I do a lot more walking than before. I was introduced to the men’s cabin, a weekly resident led social gathering for men in the community – at first I was adamant I would not go to but I now attend every week. The gardening group on Saturdays have been very therapeutic for me and I do not feel as isolated as I used to. I feel as if my whole demeanour has changed, I smile more and open up to others. The Health Trainers service has not only helped me eat better and be physically active, it is has helped me become more sociable.”